Choosing the Perfect Flowers for a Bridesmaid Bouquet

Before choosing a bridesmaid bouquet you should already have decided on the bridal flowers. The bridal bouquet is the starting point for your all wedding flowers; the rest of your flowers will reflect the theme throughout your wedding. You also need to know what your bridesmaids' are wearing. The bridesmaid flowers should tone with their dresses and complement the bridal bouquet. The flowers can either be a smaller version of the bridal bouquet or different flowers in the same color scheme to tie everything together.

bridesmaid bouquet

There are several types of designs you could have for bridesmaid flowers including a bouquet, pomander, wrist corsage or decorated purse. Consider the age of the bridesmaids' and what you think they would be happy carrying all day. You want your bridesmaids' to feel comfortable with whatever flowers you provide for them. It is perfectly acceptable to give adult bridesmaids' a different floral design to young children.

If you are looking for a contemporary design for your bridesmaid flowers, wrist corsages are a great alternative. The flowers are made like a buttonhole or corsage and then attached to a bracelet or ribbon. There are lots of gorgeous bracelets available now for wrist corsages. There are different color pearl, bead and diamante bracelets with fastenings to attach flowers to. The bracelets cost a fair bit more than a simple ribbon would, but look really special and as the bracelet can be kept afterwards, the wrist corsage could be your gift to the bridesmaids'.

The bridesmaid bouquet is the most popular design. Many brides opt to use the same flowers as the bridal bouquet made into a smaller version. If you want the bridal bouquet to really stand out, pick one flower type from the bridal bouquet to be used for the bridesmaid flowers. If your bridesmaids' range in age from adult to young children you can vary the size of the bouquet to suit them. Some of the other options may suit very small children better though, as little ones can be a bit heavy handed with bouquets.

Pomanders are lovely fun designs. They can be given to any age bridesmaid, but younger ones look especially cute with pomanders. Hardy flowers like carnations and chrysanthemums are better for younger bridesmaids', as they stand up to being swung around a lot more than fragile flowers do. Pomanders have a loop of tulle, ribbon or pearls to carry them, they are easy for any age to hold as you can put your hand through the loop and rest it on your wrist.

bridesmaid bouquet

Decorated purses are perfect for older bridesmaids'. Every girl needs a purse to put their bits and pieces in, you can pick a purse that co-ordinates with their dress and order a corsage that complements the other wedding flowers. Depending on the type of purse, the corsage will either be attached by a loop of wire that goes inside the bag or a strong magnet that will hold the flowers in place.

Little ones have a tendency to not treat their bridesmaid bouquet very gently, so they can end up battered and bruised before the ceremony is over. Basket arrangements are the perfect solution as the flowers have more protection than a bouquet, and they can be set down when wanted without being damaged at all. You could also give your young bridesmaids' a basket of rose petals and tell them they have a very important job, to make the aisle look pretty by scattering petals as they walk. Children love this and will oblige gladly.

If you have any little ones that you think will refuse to carry something like a bridesmaid bouquet or basket, give them a flower wand. They look adorable and what little girl can resist a 'fairy wand'? The wands are star shaped and can be silver or gold. They usually have a single flower attached with a bow at the top and the handle is covered in co-ordinating ribbon.

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The Language of Flowers

You can use the 'language of flowers' to give a special meaning to your bouquet

Here are some of the most popular wedding flowers and their meanings...

  • Allium - good fortune
  • Aster - beginnings
  • Daisy - innocence
  • Freesia - calm
  • Gardenia - grace
  • Gypsophilia - everlasting love
  • Heather - passion
  • Lily - virtue
  • Orchid - delicate beauty
  • Red rose - passionate love
  • Tulip - hopeless love
  • White rose - purity

    wedding flowers

    Hints and tips...

    For a bit of fun for the girls at your wedding, why not tie this cute poem to your bouquet before you throw it?

    "Congratulations Missy! You pushed your way up front. You caught the bride's bouquet. Good luck with your groom hunt!"

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