Kate Middleton - Flowers in her hair?

by Kate

A Beautiful Bride but a little Informal for the Royal Wedding?

A Beautiful Bride but a little Informal for the Royal Wedding?

The latest reports from celebrity Magazines in the Uk suggest that Kate is planning on wearing flowers in her hair instead of a tiara when she weds Prince William at the end of this month.

Reports suggest that Kate may turn down the opportunity to wear the "Spencer family Tiara" worn by Diana for her wedding day in favor of a more modern look.

But which flowers will she choose? For such a formal event she will most likely steer away from daisies or gerberas, often associated with a more casual or informal wedding.

My guess would be she will opt for white rose buds which will look stunning tucked into her glossy dark hair - a classic look, particularly in an updo style.

She would not be the first Royal bride to walk down the aisle with flowers in her hair. Sarah Fergusen wore an elaborate head piece made of fresh flowers for her wedding to Prince Andrew in the 1980's. She compromised however and switched to the more traditional tiara before leaving the ceremony. I wonder will Kate do the same?

Another tidbit of information hot off the press is that Kate has ordered headpieces and fascinators for her wedding party from Milliner Philip Treacy - I can't wait to see those!

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