Orchid Centerpieces

Orchid centerpieces can be a simple or as complex as your budget allows! This delicate and exotic flower is so versatile that there are no limits in the hands of an experienced florist. I have included orchid pictures and information on this page for your wedding orchid ideas. Those that buy orchids as cut flowers for orchid flower arrangements or use an orchid planter and need to know about indoor orchid care will find the information they need here.

Orchid Flower Arrangements

orchid centerpieces

The most simple orchid flower arrangement uses only one stem of orchids per vase. An orchid stem will typically have three or four flower heads open and then several smaller flower buds. The stem is striking and makes a feature in itself as the stem is dark and sculptural. Simply place your orchid stem in a tall, narrow vase and fill the bottom of the vase with fine, colored stones. Place one in the center of each table at your reception dinner.

Orchid Planter

An orchid planter is another option for your orchid centerpieces. As orchids are definitely not a cheap wedding flower, this gives you the added bonus of using the orchid planters as gifts or favors for your wedding guests.

Choose a low bowl or planter to show off the delicate orchid at its best. These orchid centerpieces would be ideal for a Chinese theme wedding to really give a feel of the orient.

Another option for an exotic and unusual centerpiece that will last long after your wedding day, is to choose a lucky bamboo plant. You can find out more on Bamboo Inspiration.

Bamboo Inspiration provides resources and guides on bamboo plants and care, and bamboo gardening. Include species lists on edible bamboo types alongside benefits to your home and garden such as ornamental windbreaks and privacy screens. Harvest your bamboo for a variety of recipes, crafts, and bamboo building projects such as bamboo flooring! A web site that promotes the versatility of bamboo and its uses around the world as an increasingly popular environmentally friendly renewable resource.

orchid centerpieces

orchid centerpieces

orchid centerpieces

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The Language of Flowers

You can use the 'language of flowers' to give a special meaning to your bouquet

Here are some of the most popular wedding flowers and their meanings...

  • Allium - good fortune
  • Aster - beginnings
  • Daisy - innocence
  • Freesia - calm
  • Gardenia - grace
  • Gypsophilia - everlasting love
  • Heather - passion
  • Lily - virtue
  • Orchid - delicate beauty
  • Red rose - passionate love
  • Tulip - hopeless love
  • White rose - purity

    wedding flowers

    Hints and tips...

    For a bit of fun for the girls at your wedding, why not tie this cute poem to your bouquet before you throw it?

    "Congratulations Missy! You pushed your way up front. You caught the bride's bouquet. Good luck with your groom hunt!"

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