Prince William Wedding


At long last, we have a date for the Prince William wedding! Did you hear about the Kate Middleton and Prince William wedding?! You heard right, the Royal Prince William engagement finally happened. Prince William of Wales and Catherine Middleton are college sweethearts who met over eight years ago at St Andrews University in Scotland. They plan to marry on the 29th of April 2011.

I wonder is it just a coincidence that St Catherines day is the date chosen for the Prince William, Kate Middleton wedding? british royal wedding

Prince William of Wales

As the son of Prince Charles and grandson of Queen Elizabeth, Prince William of Wales is second in line for the British throne. When his parents, Charles and Diana married in 1981 it was the Royal wedding of the century. So what can we expect for William and Kate?

Most importantly, what flowers will they choose? No details have yet been released so in the meantime, we can have some fun guessing!

Prince William, Kate Middleton wedding

To begin to guess what flowers might feature in the Prince William, Kate Middleton wedding, we can take a little tour through the history of British Royal wedding flowers to gather some clues.

We will begin with Royal traditions. The Royal florist, Longmans Ltd. Of London have designed the wedding bouquets for the Royal family since the wedding of Queen Elizabeth the second in 1947. Martin Longman created the Queens bridal bouquet and his son, David Longman carried on the tradition by creating bouquets for Princess Diana and Sarah, Duchess of York.

Months of work went into the Royal wedding flowers. Prior to creating the bouquets, Longman presented sketches of his vision for the Royal wedding flowers. The final bouquet designs then had to be approved not only by the Royal brides but also by Palace officials!

For Princess Dianas wedding, Longmans Ltd. made not one but three Royal wedding bouquets, all identical! One was for the wedding rehearsal, another for the ceremony and a third was used for wedding photos taken at Buckingham Palace.

So will Kate Middleton follow family tradition and use the Royal florists who designed bouquets for the Queen and for Princess Diana?
british royal wedding

The Queens bouquet, produced in 1947 when the then Princess Elizabeth married Prince Philip was a classic orchid bouquet consisting of cattelya, cypripedium and odontoglossom orchid flowers. Created by Longmans, the flowers were a gift from the Worshipful Company of Gardeners. There is some mystery surrounding Princess Elizabeths bouquet with rumours that it was misplaced by Palace officials and that a duplicate had to be created for the formal wedding photographs. That could explain why Buckingham Palace was taking no chances for Princess Diana and ordered three bouquets!

There is one final British Royal Wedding tradition that Kate Middleton will be expected to follow when she marries Prince William of Wales. Royal wedding flowers are placed on the tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Westminster Abbey after the ceremony. This tradition was started by Elizabeth, Duchess of York (later the Queen Mother). She lost a brother during World War one and when she married in 1923, she carried out this act as a mark of respect to her brother and all those who fought alongside him. The Queen followed suit at her wedding in 1947 as did Diana in 1981 and Sarah Ferguson in 1986. It would be very fitting if Kate Middleton kept up this tradition. Especially considering the military careers of her future husband Prince William and brother in law, Prince Harry. If she wants to preserve her wedding bouquet and keep it as a memento, she could always order another, or three!

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The Language of Flowers

You can use the 'language of flowers' to give a special meaning to your bouquet

Here are some of the most popular wedding flowers and their meanings...

  • Allium - good fortune
  • Aster - beginnings
  • Daisy - innocence
  • Freesia - calm
  • Gardenia - grace
  • Gypsophilia - everlasting love
  • Heather - passion
  • Lily - virtue
  • Orchid - delicate beauty
  • Red rose - passionate love
  • Tulip - hopeless love
  • White rose - purity

    wedding flowers

    Hints and tips...

    For a bit of fun for the girls at your wedding, why not tie this cute poem to your bouquet before you throw it?

    "Congratulations Missy! You pushed your way up front. You caught the bride's bouquet. Good luck with your groom hunt!"

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