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Beautiful Purple Bridal Bouquets

Purple wedding flowers are a popular choice whether you intend to use them as part of your primary color scheme or as an accent color. The fabulous images in the gallery below show you just how varied and versatile this color scheme really is!

Choosing Purple Wedding Flowers

Check out our easy to use guide below to find out...

  • How to choose your purple color scheme

  • Which purple wedding flowers are in season

  • Top purple flower choices for the DIY bride

  • How to make your wedding flower budget go further.

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Roses are available in every color and shade imaginable and very forgiving for an amatuer to work with. Be sure you have help on hand to strip the thorns but once this is done it is easy to create a hand-tied bridal bouquet.



Traditionally a springtime flower, the tulip is now available year round. It can be difficult to use for wedding bouquets as the stems tend to twist but is a great budget option for DIY table decorations.

Vanda Orchids

These exquisite and exotic blooms will look stunning in any bouquet but are best left to the professional florist or very experienced amateur. Each stem contains up to 18 flower heads which need to be removed, wired and provided with a water source to ensure they last within a bouquet.

Calla Lily

Available year round these easy to arrange blooms are ideal for bouquets, boutonnieres and centerpieces. A mid priced option, less is more with these flowers and you will only need a few stems to produce an elegant bouquet.



Tall spikes of flowers give height to wedding centerpieces or add bulk to a bouquet. The flower blooms from the bottom of the stem upwards meaning that the tip is often still in delicate bud when flowers bloom further down the stem.


A delicate flower with mid green foliage the lisianthus is an excellent flower to accompany roses or similar feature flower in a bridal bouquet. It is equally pretty in bud or full bloom meaning you have less need to worry about the timing of the flowers opening.


Popular in the 1980s, carnations fell out of favor as a wedding flower until recently when new varieties have brought a fresh lease of life to this old favorite. Easy to work with, long lasting and very reasonably priced these are an excellent choice for a wedding.


Known for it's superb frangrance, sweetpeas are available year round but with very limited availability for a winter wedding. They are delicate and feminine but wilt easily and are not long lasting so pay close attention to the care instructions.

Using Purple Wedding Flowers...

Getting the Color Right

A quick glance at the flower choices above will give you a good idea of the color options available if you have chosen purple as your wedding flower color. It is important to take note of the different undertones in the color when you order your flowers. Remember when you were mixing paint in school and you learned that blue and red went together to make purple? If you add a lot of blue and hardly any red, the purple you get is really dark with blue undertones. Add a lot of red and you could make the purple almost a pink color.

Flowers are no different. Those labelled as lavender have pinky undertones meaning they coordinate well with shades of pink flowers in your bouquet. Those labelled as lilac are generally a blue tinted variety and would tone in well with bright whites and other flowers with a blue tint.

Alongside the pink / blue continuum, you also need to be aware of differences in shade, variation within the individual bloom (some flowers are darker at the center or on the petal edge for example) and variations caused by growing conditions at the source of your flowers.

If you are very worried about matching an exact flower shade and tone, you could be better examining the range of silk wedding flowers on the market. It really is the only way you can guarantee an exact shade. Most brides find however that once prepared for some natural variation, they can embrace these color differences as part of the true beauty of real wedding flowers.

Purple Wedding Flowers on a Budget...

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By choosing lower priced "filler" flowers and foliage in shades of purple such as Statice or purple tinted Limonium or Rice Flower and combining them with a few choice blooms of your featured flower (roses, callas or gerberas perhaps), you can have fabulous bouquets and centerpieces without hurting your pocket.


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