Popular Wedding Bouquet Flowers and Their Symbolism

Deciding on your wedding bouquet flowers is super exciting. We do, afterall, all have our favorites. All of the photos and examples are incredibly inspiring!

Wedding bouquet flower ideas by the most popular blooms

But, have you reached that point where you have too many options? Are your growing Pinterest boards or photo folders making you feel confused or anxious instead of excited?

A great way to narrow down your options is too look at ideas based on some of the most popular flowers for bouquets. These are often cheaper and suitable for any season. It will also give you lots of options in all kinds of styles and prices.

Flower types are also symbolic.The type and combination you pick can be a symbol of the life you plan to live. It can also symbolize how you feel about eachother or the idea of a new beginning. Looking at their meanings can also help you narrow down your choices.

This page shares the most popular wedding bouquet flowers today. It will also share what story your bouquet can tell about you, your love, and your vision for your lives.

There are lots of ways that looking at the popular wedding bouquet flower types can help you...

  • Pick a flower that matches your theme
  • Go with flowers because their look fits the style of your wedding
  • Consider the season - does it bloom in your season or come in the right colors?
  • Or, if you haven't picked a theme or colors, use your instincts and the symbolsm behind the flowr.

Which one of these wedding bouquet flowers tell your story well?

Do you already have a theme or color scheme in mind? If so, take a look at the color options available for each of these flower types. Pick one that matches or compliments your ideas. You can also look at the style of the bloom to decide which is most fitting for your theme.

If you haven't narrowed your theme or colors down yet, great! That means you have all the options in the world. Use your gut to pick the flower variety(s) that mean the most to you. Then, work your theme and colors around it/them.

Hydrangea Bouquets

Hydrangea bouquet - one of the most popular wedding bouquet flower types

Hydrangea bouquets are wildly popular for any season. They look great on their own, but they are also excellent fillers. They come in blue, white, green, and pink.

There are three popular meanings for the hydrangea. The one, most suitable to a marriage, is that it symbolizes anything that is deeply heartfelt. Perfect right!

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Sunflowr Bouquets

Sunflower bouquets - one of the most popular wedding bouquet flower types

The sunflower is another wildly popular flower for bouquets and wedding decor. While there is only one color, you can use some of its sister flowers as well (i.e. The smaller Black-eyed Susan).

Historically, the sunflower is a symbol of the power and warmth provided by the sun. It is also symbolic of loyalty, which I think is excellent for a marriage.

Gerbera Daisies

Gerbera Daisy Bouquet - one of the most popular wedding bouquet flower types

The Gerbera is actually the 5th most popular bloom in the world. Itis extremely popular on it's own or as a filler in bouquets. Part of what makes them so popular is the cost along with all the beautiful Gerbera colors available.

Perhaps because of the crispness of their colors, they are a symbol of cheerfulness.

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Orchids - one of the most popular wedding bouquet flower types

Due to cost, the orchid rarely stands on its own in a bouquet. With that said, it is a beloved flower by many and with 25,000 varieties there are a lot of options and many different colors to choose from.

The orchid is known for its exotic appearance and delicate beauty. It is also a symbol of ecstasy and passion.

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Calla Lillies

A Calla Lily bouquet - one of the most popular wedding bouquet flower types

Another incredibly popular flower for weddings is the calla lily. It can work for any season and looks great on it's own or combined with other flowers.

The calla lily is a symbol of youthful innocence. It is also representative of simple, classic grace.

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A red rose bouquet -  - one of the most popular wedding bouquet flower types

The red rose bouquet is one of the most iconic looks for weddings. Due to the higher cost of the rose however, it is often combined with other flowers.

The meaning of the rose is deeply tied to it's color. It is the one bloom that can mean anything from jealousy to deep passion depending on the shade of the flower.

There are a lot of other ways to find the perfect blooms for your bouquets

I hope you found the perfect inspiration to help you pick your wedding bouquet flowers. If not, there are a lot of other ways you can search....

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The Language of Flowers

You can use the 'language of flowers' to give a special meaning to your bouquet

Here are some of the most popular wedding flowers and their meanings...

  • Allium - good fortune
  • Aster - beginnings
  • Daisy - innocence
  • Freesia - calm
  • Gardenia - grace
  • Gypsophilia - everlasting love
  • Heather - passion
  • Lily - virtue
  • Orchid - delicate beauty
  • Red rose - passionate love
  • Tulip - hopeless love
  • White rose - purity 

  • Hints and tips

    For a bit of fun for the girls at your wedding, why not tie this cute poem to your bouquet before you throw it?"Congratulations Missy! You pushed your way up front. You caught the bride's bouquet. Good luck with your groom hunt!"