The Top five budget wedding reception table decorations

There are so many wedding reception table decorations to choose from, it can seem like an impossible task narrowing it down to something you love that also comes in on budget.

This guide for budget wedding reception table decoration ideas has handy hints to save you some money. Costs will vary in different areas and may cost more in cities, but you can keep costs down by making the centerpieces yourself. Look for bargain vases and containers in discount stores.

Plant from $15.00

Plants are a very effective way to decorate your tables without breaking the bank. They are also greener than cut flowers and you can give them to guests to take home afterwards. A simple flowering plant will only cost a few dollars, if you want something more elegant or scented like jasmine it will cost a bit more. Once you've decided on your plants, check what size pot they are growing in so you can buy a nice ceramic or zinc pot that will fit the plants. If you have room in your budget you might like to scatter some decorative gravel around the plant to match your color scheme.

Goldfish bowl from $20.00

wedding reception table decorations

This simple design needs only a few flowers and some decorative stones to look very effective. If you have any money spare in your budget, a submersible LED light in each vase will add extra wow factor to your centerpiece.

This is one of the easiest designs to make yourself, you can buy the bowls or hire them. For each centerpiece you'll need a handful of decorative glasses beads or polished stones, three flowers and a few pieces of grass. Cover the stones with water and set your flower heads into them. Finish by swirling the grass around the bowl.

Lily vase from $30.00

These tall slim vase arrangements are classic wedding reception table decorations. There are many options for different designs depending on your budget. A basic design using three roses staggered with some flowing grass is a simple yet elegant way to keep this design in budget. Instead of roses you could use two stems of lilies which have several heads on each stem. You could buy the vases or hire them from a florist.

Birdcage from $35.00

Birdcages have become very fashionable and because of this lots of florists and event companies now have them to hire out. Because they are so ornate they don't require many flowers to dress them up. Order one buttonhole for each birdcage with two large flower heads like roses or gerberas and tie them to the top of the birdcage with some co-ordinating ribbon, leave some long trails of ribbon to flow down the side of the birdcage. Then scatter some rose petals inside the cage. If you are feeling adventurous you could even make the buttonholes yourself.

Posy arrangement from $40.00

wedding reception table decorations

This very popular design is usually all round and dome shaped. It can be loose with plenty of foliage or packed tightly with flowers and little foliage. This can be a cost effective option whilst still containing lots of flowers. The key to keeping the price down in this design is to advise the florist on your color scheme and style, but then let them choose the flower content. They are the experts and will easily be able to accommodate your budget if you give them free reign over the flower choices. This design is made in a small dish, which costs pennies so you get more flowers for your money.

Some florists will only hire vases when you are buying centerpieces from them, but you should find plenty of businesses that will hire vases online. When you have found the perfect containers for your wedding reception table decorations don't forget to take delivery charges into account, and there may also be a returnable deposit to secure hired items.

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The Language of Flowers

You can use the 'language of flowers' to give a special meaning to your bouquet

Here are some of the most popular wedding flowers and their meanings...

  • Allium - good fortune
  • Aster - beginnings
  • Daisy - innocence
  • Freesia - calm
  • Gardenia - grace
  • Gypsophilia - everlasting love
  • Heather - passion
  • Lily - virtue
  • Orchid - delicate beauty
  • Red rose - passionate love
  • Tulip - hopeless love
  • White rose - purity

    wedding flowers

    Hints and tips...

    For a bit of fun for the girls at your wedding, why not tie this cute poem to your bouquet before you throw it?

    "Congratulations Missy! You pushed your way up front. You caught the bride's bouquet. Good luck with your groom hunt!"

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